April 15, 2024

“The Fall of Frankenstein” special Frankenstein AI events/dates

“The Fall of Frankenstein” special Frankenstein AI events/dates

Frankenstein AI is a multi-year design research project developed and produced in collaboration with the Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab. The initiative launched this past year at the Sundance Film Festival with a special immersive storytelling experience told across three acts.

There are a number of fall events and opportunities surrounding the Frankenstein AI prototype. Please note that the following is subject to change.

Collaborators wanted

We’re looking for collaborators for the following. If you’d like to lend a hand please let us know. In addition, if you’d like to bring Frankenstein AI to an event or host your own please contact us.

September 5th

Columbia DSL meetup — an evening Frankenstein AI prototyping at Lincoln Center

7 pm to 10 pm

Read More

September 10th to December 10th

Immersive Production @ Columbia University

This graduate course will have students designing and producing immersive dinner parties focused on Frankenstein AI

Read More

September 18th

Frankenstein AI panel discussion + prototyping session

IFP Week

10 am to 11 am — panel

12 pm to 6 pm — prototyping

Read More (schedule isn’t public yet)

September 22nd

Story I/O a day focused on building transformative learning simulations

This year’s prototyping is focused on Frankenstein AI + empathic conversational models

9:30 am to 6 pm

Read More

October 3rd

Columbia DSL meetup — an evening Frankenstein AI prototyping at Lincoln Center

7 pm to 10 pm

Read More (details to be released in mid-September)

October 13th

Frankenstein AI prototyping lab @ the New York Film Festival

2 pm to 4 pm

Read More (please note that Nicholas Fortugno and Rachel Ginsberg will be co-presenting too!)

October 16th to October 27th

Immersive Dinner Party Challenge — will be run within the Columbia DSL prototyping community — right here!

October 16th challenge materials released

October 23rd challenge starts

October 27th Dinner Parties are staged around the world

October 31st AI ghost stories harvested from dinner parties presented

Read More and Apply Today

November 15th to 25th

Special European Frankenstein AI Immersive Dinner Party for 60 people per night

Full details coming in late September

December 10th

Immersive Production class @ Columbia University runs an Immersive Dinner Party designed over the course of the semester.

7 pm to 9:30 pm

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